Marketing Alice

Published together with Peter Pan, this abridged version of Alice typifies how the story has been revised for children through time to be more accessible. Alice is often included when publishers create literary collections for children. This Dandelion Library version from Random House has been abridged and edited by Josette Frank, the editor of many children’s anthologies, a former director of the Child Study Association of America, and for whom the Josette Frank Award is named -- an annual children's literary award for fiction that honors a book or books of "outstanding literary merit in which children or young people deal in a positive and realistic way with difficulties in their world and grow emotionally and morally".

Copy of Torrey Alice 1957 cover.jpg

Lewis Carroll. Marjorie Torrey (illustrator)
Alice in Wonderland
New York: Random House, [1957]
Issued with James Matthews Barrie’s Peter Pan; New York, 1957
Gift of William A. Gosling.

Typifying the influence of Alice over time, the story has been used as the foundation of many advertising campaigns. Alice’s image has adorned t-shirts, teapots, chess sets, postcards, thimbles, paper dolls, diaries, jewelry, clocks, figurines, music and music videos, comic books, puppet shows, cartoons, and video games. Here we see Alice offered free with the purchase of Folgers Coffee, a company that has had many successful advertising campaigns. This version of Alice is published by Western Publishing Company, Inc, a subsidiary of the famous Golden Books company.

Schroeder Alice 1970 cover.jpg

Lewis Carroll. Ted Schroeder (illustrator)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; and, Through the Looking Glass
Racine, WI: Western Publishing Company, Inc., 1970

Winner of the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award, an award given annually in recognition of outstanding artistic talent in a Canadian picture book, Oleg Lipchenko’s Alice was a labor of love for the illustrator.  He started creating the illustrations a long time ago and came back to it at several points in his life before it was published in 2009.  Lipchenko is a member of the Lewis Carroll Society, who have approved of his re-imagination of this classic.  On the cover, Alice is drawn as though she is looking through a die-cut portal into a Wonderland where the reader also might live. Using gilt edges and the original text, Lipchenko’s Alice is in the best tradition of children’s “gift books.”

Lipchenko Alice 2009 cover.jpg

Lewis Carroll. Oleg Lipchenko (illustrator)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Toronto: Tundra Books, 2009 
Gift of William A. Gosling.

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