Alice Products: An Alice Card Game

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This Alice in Wonderland card game from the 1920s consists of sixteen groups of three cards featuring colorized illustrations modelled on those of Sir John Tenniel. Notably, the color scheme used is that from The Nursery Alice (1890), in which Alice’s frock is a sunny yellow, rather than the sky blue later popularized by Disney. The card game operates along the same lines as “Go Fish.” Each player’s goal is to collect all of the cards, which is accomplished by showing a “lead” card that names the other two cards in its group. For example, ALICE AND THE MUSHROOM directs the player to "Find the 'Caterpillar' and the 'Puppy," while THE DUCHESS WITH BABY requires the ‘Fish-Footman’ and the ‘Frog-Footman.’


Alice in Wonderland [Game]: A Series of 48 Cards Issued by Carreras Ltd. London: Carreras Ltd., Arcadia Works, London, NWI, ca. 1928


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