Educational/Curricular Materials

Some of the special visitors to the Fall 2015 in-person version of this exhibit included local Girl Scout troops.  In conjunction with Diana Perpich, Educational Technologies Librarian and former Girl Scout, several educational materials were developed for these visits.  Two activities were organized: an interactive tour of the exhibit and a story-making badge activity centered on board game creation.  In creating rules to a game, Girl Scouts were able to think through how they might make a story based on Alice.

Jo Angela Oehrli and Diana Perpich created a slide presentation about their experience for the 2016 Michigan Instruction Exchange.  They suggest that the game activity could be adapted for any online or in-person exhibit.  There are several materials that were used for the game activity. You can download them from a Google Drive folder here (You can preview them below). They include the following.

  1. [Make Your Own Game]:  An introductory document explaining the concept to those who are looking to make an Alice in Wonderland game.  This document includes a list of supplemental materials that would need to be provided to make a board game.  During the Fall 2015 visits, all materials including copies of the Game Board and Rules Example were included in a large envelope and handed out to the Girl Scouts.

  2. [Game Board]:  A pdf of the game board used in the Fall 2015 Girl Scout visit.

  3. [Rules Example]:  One example of how an instructor might convey the "rules" idea to students.  Language appropriate for students.

  4. [Alice Boxes]: An edit-friendly version of the game board. 


Make Your Own Game4.jpg

[Make Your Own Game]:  Game Introduction


[Game Board]:  Complete Alice Adventures in Wonderland game board


[Rules Example]: One way to explain rules to students

Alix Boxes.jpg

[Alice Boxes]:  Adaptable versions of the boxes on the game board

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