“I don’t want to be another Li Yan.”

In January 2013, a middle aged women named Li Yan attracted national attention after she was sentenced to death for killing her abusive husband. In several cities, young women wrapped themselves in white cloth to illustrate the helpless situation of domestic violence victims. Two volunteers handed a petition to the court and other actions were initiated by feminist activists, lawyers, and human rights defenders in and outside China to save the woman's life. After a retrial in April 2015, the Supreme People’s Court (最高人民法院) repealed the death penalty in Li Yan’s case, and her sentence was eventually commuted to life in prison.


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On November 25, 2013—the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women—a group of volunteers appeared in the streets of Beijing and conducted a performance art piece on the theme "building a house for domestic violence victims with laws and enforcement."


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Bloody Brides Against Domestic Violence