This exhibit was curated by Bennett Lowe and Elaina Ryan under the mentorship of Zachary Quint. Thank you to Caitlin Pollock for assisting with the Omeka software and for publishing this exhibit. We would also like to thank Maura Seale for helping with archival sources, and Timothy Utter for locating and providing information on the maps used in this exhibit. We are also grateful for the information provided by William Stroebel on immigrants’ experience in Greece following the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922). Thank you to Feyza Sayman for providing information on the Turkish language and on Turkish place names. We also want to recognize all those who provided informational workshops throughout the internship: Meghan Musolff, Edras Rodriguez-Torres, Heidi Burkhardt, and Stephanie Rosen. Finally, we would like to show our appreciation for the hard work of Gabriel Duque, Theresa Stanko, and all others who helped make the Michigan Library Scholars Program and this exhibit possible.