About the Exhibit


This online version is a virtual record of an actual physical display that took place at the Audubon Room of the University of Michigan Library between November 12 2018 and February 17 2019: Written Culture of Christian Egypt: Coptic Manuscripts from the University of Michigan Collection. Curated by Alin Suciu and Frank Feder (Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities), and with the collaboration of Pablo Alvarez (Special Collections Research Center), the display includes highlights from our collections of Coptic fragments and codices held at the Papyrology Collection and the Special Collections Research Center. Additionally, we have also included the facsimile models of the bindings of Mich. Ms. 166 and 167 from the Julia Miller Collection of Bookbinding Models. We are extremely grateful to Julia Miller for providing us with detailed descriptions of these two models. Finally, this online exhibit ends with a video recording of the curators' lectures marking the opening of the exhibition on 12 November 2017.

We also want to express our most sincere gratidute to a large group of individuals that helped to make this exhibit possible. They belong to different units within the Library and academic departments across the University of Michigan, a substantial evidence of the collaborative nature of all exhibits:

Evyn Kropf, Kristine Greive, Marieka Kaye, Brooke Adams, Randal Stegmeyer, Carrie Schroeder, Ellen Muelhlberger, Terry Wilfong, Matthew De Genaro, Caitlin Pollock, and Heymo Vehse.   

Rights Statement

The University of Michigan Library has placed copies of these works online for educational and research purposes. These works are believed to be in the public domain in the United States; however, if you decide to use any of these works, you are responsible for making your own legal assessment and securing any necessary permission. If you have questions about this exhibit, please contact special.collections@umich.edu. If you have concerns about the inclusion of an item in this exhibit, please contact ask-omeka@umich.edu.

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Opening Exhibit Lectures by Frank Feder & Alin Suciu