About This Exhibit

"The purpose of the "Travel Through Maps and Narratives" exhibit is to highlight interesting pieces from both the Stephen S. Clark Library and other collections throughout the University of Michigan Library. The goal of the exhibit was to display the variety of ways that maps and narratives are used to encourage, plan, record and remember travel. In the significant time that such works have been created to document journeys, their creation has changed. Where once personal diaries with illustrations advertised the intrigue of far away places, more recently brochures with colorful graphics and photos have done the same. However, across times and geographical regions, documentation and remembrance of travel is a constant. Whether mapping spiritually important routes to sites of pilgrimage in Rome or Mecca, or highlighting the best places to picnic along the Detroit River, maps and travel narratives have been used to inspire journeys and record their significance."

- Melanie Langa

Atlas Miller - 9

This online version of "Travel Through Maps and Narratives" is the byproduct of a physical exhibit of the same title, which was originally featured in the Clark Library. The exhibit was created and compiled by Student Assistant Melanie Langa and Exhibit Coordinator Grace Rother.

We would like to thank Karl Longstreth and Tim Utter for conceptual and logitstical support.  We would also like to thank Melissa Nurre for her assistance with the design.  

For questions about the contents of the exhibit please contact  or Tim Utter at .  For questions about Omeka or online exhibits, please contact Meghan Musolff at .



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Explorers: The Influence of Travel