Singing the Antiphonary

Curated by Pablo Alvarez, Outreach Librarian & Curator, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan Library


On August 26, 2014, led by Dr. Stefano Mengozzi, a group of six singers recorded a selection of Gregorian chant music at the St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To be precise, they sang from a fifteenth-century Antiphonary from the University of Michigan Special Collections Research Center, an extraordinary manuscript copied in Venice and richly illuminated by the famous Italian miniaturist, Benedetto Bordon. 

The video recording of that performance is at the heart of this online exhibit, which in turn describes our Antiphonary manuscript in detail, exploring the career of Benedetto Bordon as an illuminator and woodcut designer in Venice between 1494 and 1528.