Libro di Benedetto Bordone (1534)

Here we are displaying a selection of images from the second edition of the Libro di Benedetto Bordone, published, like the first edition, by Niccolò Zoppino in Venice in 1534. The publisher reused the same woodcuts as the 1528 edition, but this particular copy has been hand-colored by a contemporary artist. Among the images, is a magnificent map of the world, greatly based on engravings of world maps by the miniaturist and cartographer Francesco Roselli (1447-c. 1513). However, Bordon introduced important modifications to reflect new geographical knowledge. North America (terra del laboratore) is joined to South America (mondo novo) by land, and the mare orientale reappears continuously on the right edge, emphasizing the separation of Asia from America. Moreover, at the end of the book is a copy of a letter addressed to the emperor Charles V by a unknown officer (prefetto della India la nova Spagna). It contains the account of Francisco Pizarro's conquest of Peru. In turns, it is a copy of a pamphlet published also in 1534. Possibly, it is a translation and summary of the Spanish original letter, of which no copy is extant.

<p>Bordone, 1534 (Title Page)</p>

Title Page

<p>Bordone, 1534 (B3)</p>

Schematic Sphere

<p>Bordone, 1534 (Map of the World)</p>

World Map

<p>Bordone, 1534 (III)</p>


<p>Bordone, 1534 (III verso)</p>

England & Scotland

<p>Bordone, 1534 (Venice)</p>


<p>Bordone, 1534 (LXXIIII recto)</p>

Last Page

<p>Bordone, 1534 (LXXIIII verso)</p>


Libro di Benedetto Bordone (1528)

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