Curators Pablo Alvarez and Juli McLoone would like to express their most sincere gratitude to all who contributed their expertise to make this exhibit possible, both in its physical and online versions. The following list of names will make clear that exhibits are truly collaborative projects. To echo an old cliche, and for this display it is indeed very apropriate, we will name our colleagues by order of appearance, from the time when digital images were taken to each of the following steps of the exhibit process, including marketing and publicity, conservation treatment, the editing and mounting of labels, the editing of video clips, the installation of the physical exhibit, and the online version.

Randal Stegmeyer (Digital Conversion Unit)

Mary Morris & Kirsten Neelands (Communications & Marketing)

Anne Elias & Karmen Beecroft (Special Collections Research Center)

Phil Hallman (Film Studies Field Librarian, Hatcher) with the collaboration of students Graham Techler & Laura Caruso

David Hytinen (Digital Media Commons)

Cathleen Baker, Tom Hogarth, Jeff C. Gilboe, and Sarah Phalen (Preservation & Conservation)

Rebecca Chung (University of Michigan School of Information)

Fritz Swanson (Wolverine Press, English Language and Literature)

Breanna Hamm (Teaching & Learning Unit)

Meghan Musolff (Library Information Technology) 




Shakespeare in Film

Rights and Permissions Statement