The Anatomage: Synthesis of first and current medical illustrations

This artwork combines imagery from the world’s first medical illustration text by Andreas Vesalius (published in 1543) with a representation of the nervous system from the first digital Anatomage table (a fully virtual interactive medical education tool). It demonstrates the role of collaboration, technology, and ‘cutting edge’ innovation in the development of anatomy studies in the health sciences.

The Anatomage

Doug Jones. "The Anatomage." December 3, 2019. Pixel Technique Piece.

The image above is a human body against a grey backdrop. The left side of the body is the skeletal form, and the right half of the body is the muscular form in a light blue tone. The veins are white and distinct from the blue tones of the muscle tissue. 

You can find more information about the original inspiration for this piece using the University of Michigan Library catalog.

You can visit the Anatomage Table in person at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.

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