This online exhibit was partly inspired by a previous exhibition of the same name held in the Audubon Room of the Hatcher Library in January-March 2012. Curated by Pablo Alvarez, Evyn Kropf, and Arthur Verhoogt, a printed catalog of that exhibition was fully digitized and made available online. 

We want to acknowledge our debt to a series of individuals whose work is reflected in the content of some sections of the exhibit. Thus, the section "The Byzantine Bible" is indebted to the work of Nadezhda Kavrus-Hoffmann, whose first volume of the catalog of our collection of Greek manuscripts will be published in 2021: Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (with the collaboration of Pablo Alvarez). Vol. 1. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. Similarly, "The Bible in Coptic" heavily borrows from the work of Alin Suciu and Frank Feder (Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities), who recently curated the physical, and online, exhibit, Written Culture of Christian Egypt: Coptic Manuscripts from the University of Michigan Collection. We also want to thank the staff of the Department of Preservation and Conservation, Caitlin Pollock, for her technical support regarding the Omeka platform, and, very specially, Randal Stegmeyer (Emeritus, Digital Conversion Unit) for providing most of the images for this exhibit.  

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