We would like to thank Cathleen Baker, PhD, U-M Library’s former Conservator, who provided immense help to us in understanding the complexities of 17th century paper and printing. We would also like to thank Peter van der Krogt, PhD, author of Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici, the major work on the bibliographic history of Dutch mapmaking. This work is a significant update and reworking of Cornelis Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici. For the the French maps in our study we used Mireille Pastoureau’s Les Atlas Francais XVIe-XVIIe Siècles (French Atlases of the 16th-17th Centuries). We would also like to thank Meghan Musolff, who provided immense assistance and direction during the creation of this online exhibit.


Exhibit curated by Erin Platte & Tim Utter. 

Text written by Tim Utter & Erin Platte.

Physical exhibit design by Laura Magnusson and Erin Platte.


Profile of Amsterdam from the IJ

Willem Blaeu (1571-1638), Amsterdam, 1606



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