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The symbol for Rolando Estévez's imprint, El Fortín, is a lighthouse (el faro). It is often seen as a symbol of salvation and guidance. In this respect, Estévez considers himself able to create the works he chooses, and in the quantities he desires. His work, Plurality of Love, reflects his rebirth as an artist, and he sees his work as personal and reflective of his state of mind.

He has traveled to the United States and visited many states. In some of the cities he has visited, he has created original pieces using trash and found objects specific to the area. His visits to Ann Arbor, Michigan brought forth his creation of two works, Plurality of Love and Angel and the Sea. Creating art and beauty from the debris and found materials from the places he visits allows Estévez to continue to express himself with humble materials. Angel and the Sea combines litter he sought to punctuate an original piece dedicated to Ernest Hemingway and to also provide commentary on life in Cuba as compared to that in the United States. The videos of both these works allow the viewer to hear Estévez in his own words.

The Special Collections Library endeavors to collect examples from the El Fortín imprint to complement its already substantial holdings of Ediciones Vigía. Therefore, we intend to capture the next phase in Estévez’s book making and artistic prowess. The Plurality of Love, Angel and the Sea, and the artists' books found under the Book Arts - El Fortín offers a glimpse into this next chapter.


Book Arts - El Fortín


Angel and The Sea

Rolando Estévez discusses his Angel and the Sea piece including his installing it at a presentation at the Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery in 2014.

Credit: The Angel and the Sea. A film by Gabriel Frye-Behar, 2014.

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Plurality of Love

8 paintings on artisinal paper, prepared in Ann Arbor.


En la estatura de la luz (At the height of the light)


Adán conversa con Adán mientras sospechosamente un arbol les convida (Adam talks with Adam while suspiciously a tree invites them)


Eva y Adán salieron a buscar el paraiso, y solo lo encontraron adentro de ellos mismos (Eve and Adam went out to find paradise, and only found it within themselves)


Eva enciende su manzana ante el espejo de Eva (Eve lights her apple before the mirror of Eve)


Con esta mano pulsa el arpa de tu alma (With this hand I strum the harp of your soul)


El rostro de la Virgen se ha ido de paseo (The face of the Virgin has gone for a walk)


La lejanía del agua busca su nuevo rostro el pez eterno de la luz (The remoteness of the water seeks its new face in the fish of eternal light)


Con la misma dulzura la vaca da la lágrima y la leche (With the same sweetness the cow gives the tears and the milk)

Plurality of Love Videos

Rolando Estévez discusses his Pluarity of Love pieces including the personal narrative that brings him to this moment in his artistic development.

The Plurality of Love by Rolando Estévez Jordán: Eight Original Works on Brown Paper. Directed by Ruth Behar. Music by Mori Behar. Filmed by Gabriel Frye-Behar, 2014. Film. 

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