Jane Austen 1817-2017: A Bicentennial Exhibit

Curated by Students of ENG 313 Jane Austen | Winter 2017


This exhibit honors the bicentennial of the death of the English novelist Jane Austen in 1817. To mark this occasion, we invite you to explore some rare editions of her work, as well as a trove of items that deepen our understanding of both the world that influenced her, and her influence on the generations of readers that have grown in size and significance since her death.

This exhibit was curated by the students in English 313, taught by Professor Adela Pinch, Department of English (apinch@umich.edu) in Winter 2017, with exhibition assistance by Juli McLoone, Outreach Librarian and Curator, Special Collections Research Center (jmcloone@umich.edu) and Sigrid Anderson Cordell, Librarian for English Language and Literature (scordell@umich.edu).