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Other Maps Featured in the Physical Exhibit:

A Bengal Atlas: containing maps of the theatre of war and commerce on that side of Hindostan, 1781

A Historical Atlas of South Asia, 1992

"Asiae X" from Orbis antiqvi tabvlae geographicae secundum Cl. Ptolemaevm, cum indice philologico absolutissimo omnium locorum, montium, fluminum, &c. in tabulis occurrentium, situm, nomina recentiora, & alia eò pertinentia, lineis per ipsas ductis, accuratissime indicante; in vsvm geographiae veteris stvdiosorvm, 1730

Atlas Vallard, 2008

Maps of Mughal India, 1988

Peninsula Indiae citra Gangem hoc est orae celeberrimae Malabar et Coromandel: cum adjacente insula non minus celebratissima Ceylon, 1733

School Atlas, 1961

South Asia, with Afghanistan and Burma, 1984

South Asia, with Afghanistan and Myanmar, 1997

Théâtre de la guerre dans l'Inde sur la coste de Coromandel, 1770


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