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Notes on line 5:

This line contains a point of some uncertainty in the reading of this text. The letter C in 'Caesareae' was published as certain by the original editor, but in the ChLA publication, the same letter is transcribed as an uncertain 'K'. These editors mention that the K is uncertain because no similar forms exist. Although the letter looks strange, it is really not so different from other Cs in this document: there is a curly flourish on the top stroke, and the bottom of the C continues into the left-hand stroke of the following a.

Recall that we have seen a K already in line 1, which is quite different from the letter in this line. K was not a common letter in Latin; the hard c was used in most words, with k only remaining in a few older uses (like 'Kalends').

This line is significant because it gives the location where the contract was drawn up - the provenance of Caesarea (or Kaesarea)

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