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Notes on line 2:

This line contains several ligatures which make the letters more difficult to identify. Notice how the long stroke of the letter b flows straight into the down stroke of the following s. Also notice how the cross stroke of the first e in accepisse connects to the down stroke of the following p. The final letters sse are all also ligatured. This final e is somewhat different-looking than the normal e, due to the ligaturing that has occurred. A simlar e can be found at the end of line 5.

The text of this line marks the beginning of the contract. The soldier here is stating that he has received the money for the loan. As in line 1, we can reconstruct some of the text that is lost. Here we expect to see the debtor identify himself (e.g. I, so-and-so, son of so-and so; or I, so-and-so, a soldier in some legion of the army). So, line 2 might read something like:

[ Name + some kind of identifier ] scribsi me accepisse

Keep in mind that the portion of this line that has been lost should be roughly the same length as the portion of line 1 that has been lost.

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