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Line 24 (Medea 684)

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Notes on line 24:

The scribe originally wrote 'tractat', but the final t was deleted (with a single stroke to strike out the letter) by a later editor, who made several corrections throughout the manuscript in brown ink. The different colors of ink make it possible to distinguish marks made by the original scribe (black) and those of the later editor (brown). Remember that according to the convention of papyrologists, letters that were deleted in antiquity are put between double brackets in the transliteration.

The final letter a is largely lost due to abrasion. Although the remaining traces of ink support the reading of a, the editors wisely marked this letter with an underdot. Remember that an underdot is the conventional symbol used by papyrologists to mark an uncertain letter.

Medea verse 684:

et omne monstrum. tracta magicis cantibus

Having run out of space, the scribe completed verse 684 on the following line.

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