I would like to thank everyone associated with the Papyrology Collection at the University of Michigan, past and present, with special thanks to Professor Emeritus Ludwig Koenen, the late Professor Traianos Gagos, Professor Arthur Verhoogt, Dr. Nikos Litinas, Karla Vandersypen, Adam Hyatt, Brendan Haug, Monica Tsuneishi, Amber Innis, and W. Graham Claytor, for advice, guidance, and help in locating items of interest to me in the collection over the years. I also offer my thanks to papyrus conservator Leyla Lau-Lamb who has helped me and so many other researchers through her knowledge and conservation of papyrus in this and other papyrus collections around the world.

Thanks also to Pablo Alvarez, Outreach Librarian & Curator in the Special Collections Library for his help with this exhibit and for creating the online version, Cathleen Baker, Conservation Librarian and Exhibition Conservator in the Preservation & Conservation Department for her help designing and installing this exhibit, Mary Claire Morris in the Communications Office for handling the publicity, and last but definitely not least, Shannon Zachary, Leyla Lau Lamb, Tom Hogarth and Marieka Kaye in the Preservation & Conservation Department for their help with this exhibit.

Almost all of the photographs that accompany this essay were taken by Randal Stegmeyer, and I thank him for his time, his knowledge, and his great skill in photographing the often difficult subjects among my research selections from the Papyrology Collection. And many thanks to J. Wayne Jones for the excellent images of the models, taken at very short notice.

Julia Miller, Guest Curator

Selected Bibliography