Regional Maps

The regional maps in this exhibit are maps from different areas of the United States. These areas include regions (like the American South), states (like Michigan), and neighborhoods (like Harlem).

Michigan Authors Map.jpg


A Literary Map of Michigan, 1965?

Created in 1965, this Michigan literary map includes a list of writers, by genre, who were born in Michigan or worked in the state, particularly those from the twentieth century. For each of the featured authors, the state had a significant impact on both their writing and the literary history of Michigan. The map itself is illustrated with scenes from particularly significant books.

Lit Map of MI.jpg

A Literary Map of Michigan

Michigan Award-Winning Authors and Illustrators, 2005

This map of Michigan from the Michigan Center for the Book and the Library of Michigan includes award-winning authors and illustrators from Michigan. The map organizes them by city and lists the different awards each person has received. It routes each city on the map by number starting in Detroit and ending in Vulcan in the Upper Peninsula. Along the way, the map includes illustrations to represent key areas in Michigan. Some notable authors include Ernest Hemingway in Walloon Lake and Joyce Carol Oates in Detroit.

Michigan Authors Map.jpg

Michigan Award-Winning Authors & Illustrators

American South

This map shows the locations of the residences of many critically acclaimed and influential writers who lived and worked in the American South. Many of their homes are also locations relevant to much of their writing. Some notable authors included in this map are Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Harper Lee, and Alice Walker.

American South.jpg


This map, designed to serve as a poster as well as a guide for a walking tour of Harlem, notes the locations of many buildings that were particularly important to the writers, artists, and musicians of the Harlem Renaissance. These include the locations of famous photographs, churches, and authors’ residences. Portraits of notable figures are also included on the map itself and around its borders. The map’s reverse provides an abbreviated history of Harlem and its influence on American culture during the first half of the twentieth century as well as explanations of the locations highlighted on the map itself. Some of the notable authors on the map are Langston Hughes, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin.

Harlem Ren.jpg

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