Mapping Authors

Some literary maps, rather than focusing on a particular geographic area, instead map the body of work by one author. The maps in this section track the itineraries of novels and plot the locations of major events in these authors' most well-known works. Some also include information about the locations of important events in the authors' lives.

Mark Twain.jpg

Raymond Chandler

This colorfully illustrated map done in the style of a 1940s pulp fiction novel cover plots locations from the gritty crime stories of Raymond Chandler, a detective fiction writer. The map highlights Los Angeles as well as the surrounding areas of Santa Monica, Lake Arrowhead, and even a small part of Mexico is included in an inset. An index along the righthand side of the map gives more detailed information about the works of Chandler and their major locations.

Raymond Charles Mystery Map.jpg

Ernest Hemingway

The locations of many of Ernest Hemingway’s novels, his residences, and his “haunts” frequented with other members of the so-called Lost Generation are featured in this map. A map of the world dominates the center, while insets provide more detail for six important locations: Michigan (focusing on the northern part of the state), Spain (focusing on the areas surrounding Pamplona), Italy, Cuba, Paris, and Africa (focusing on Mt. Kilimanjaro, near the border of Tanzania and Kenya).

Hemingway Map.jpg

Mark Twain

This map was compiled as a supplement to a 1944 film about the life of Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, some images of which are printed along the borders of the map. Thus, the map includes locations that are especially relevant to Twain’s life more so than to the locations included in his work. An example of the political agenda of some literary maps, a quote from the film about defending democracy is included at the bottom center and the phrase “buy more war bonds and stamps” can be found at the bottom left of the map. While the creators of the map chose to emphasize Samuel Clemens’ patriotism, they conveniently ignored his anti-war attitudes.

Mark Twain.jpg

John Steinbeck

Included in this map are important locations in many of John Steinbeck’s most famous novels, including The Grapes of Wrath and also many illustrations of notable scenes from these works. Locations in California, namely near Monterey, are featured at the center, while the itinerary from Travels With Charley is illustrated around the border.


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