Eating Out, Ordering In

In addition to "Kitchen Judaism," Jewish food has permeated the American restaurant scene. Some of these restaurants are kosher, some are historically Jewish, and others simply use the Jewish influence on American cuisine to present something new.

This sample of menus from across America represents part of the Jewish-infused dining scene of the past hundred-plus years.

The "institutions" are the classic Jewish dining spots in American history. All of these menus come from New York, and most of the are delicattessens and appetizing shops.

The "new, modern, fresh" restaurants are exactly that, new to the scene. They do not fit the classic model of a Jewish restaurant. While some of them of are in New York, most of them are not. Even though Zingerman's is known as a deli, this restuarant, like the others in this section, do not create a distincitly Jewish space, and more often than not, serve non-kosher foods. The other restaurants are representations of the new era of Jewish food; dominated heavily by Chinese food and other American classics.