Getting into the Festival Spirit

This final section of the exhibit represents the most energetic newcomer to the American Jewish culinary experience.

All of these events are hosted by Jewish organizations in towns across America, often sponsored by local and community organizations, and in the case of Hardlox, the City of Asheville (North Carolina) itself. These events seek to strengthen Jewish community by showcasing the kosher innovations (i.e. bbq, chili) and/or Jewish culinary history (i.e. deli, bagels, lox). In addition to the regional Jewish community which tends to flock to these events, some draw thousands from the community, making them true food festivals.

Similar to charity cookbooks, these events bring together a community around food whose utlimate goal is cultural diffusion and fundraising. With some festivals welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each year, these venues can become valuable philanthropic events, bringing in needed funds for a community while also sharing their good will (read: food) to their supporters.


Noshing Around the Nation