American Jewish Charity Cookbooks

Coming from all fifty states, and Washington DC, this collection offers a glimpse in the ways that Jewish and American foodways and communities have interacted during these years. Each state and community has a story to tell about the struggles they have faced, the milestones they have achieved, and their experiences as Jews and Americans in this land of opportunity.

There are kosher cookbooks from traditional and Orthodox communities, as well as from Reform temples and unaffiliated groups. Many books included are not kosher, and include recipes for crab dips, shrimp cocktails, ham and cheese pinwheels, and Oysters a la Newburg. Written primarily in English, but with some Yiddish and German, these cookbooks represent the religious, socioeconomic, and sometimes even political orientation of their respective communities. And this is exactly what these are, community cookbooks.

This section starts up where the pioneers left off. From 1928 through today (or better yet, tomorrow), Jewish organizations have understood cookbooks as a popular and effective fundraising tool. With the opportunity to bridge communities and family traditions, cookbooks are a way for families and communities to share their treasures with each other.


Boston, MA