Bergner & Engel Brewing: An Example of the Times

These illustrations from the Bergner & Engel Brewing Company demonstrate the growing demand for beer and the technological advances that allowed brewers to meet it. Toward the end of the nineteenth century the brewing industry went through a consolidation-- there were significantly fewer breweries, but with far greater capacities than their predecessors.



The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia. ("Interior -- Ale and Porter Brewery," "Interior -- Bottling House"). Philadelphia; [publisher unknown], 188-


 The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia. (Interior -- Brew-House). Philadelphia; [publisher unknown], 188-

Transportation for beer took advantage of  new technology. The company touted the refrigerating car as a great achievement. Refrigeration for railroad shipments had been a challenge for the meat industry as well as the brewing industry. As it was a problem being worked on by several companies and inventors during the same time period, it is difficult to pinpoint the first successful refrigerated railroad car. However, Bergner & Engel was among the first brewers to use refrigerated cars to transport beer.

refrigerating car.jpg

The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia. ("Refrigerating car..."). Philadelphia; [publisher unknown], 188-


The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia. ("The First and Only Locomotive..."). Philadelphia; [publisher unknown], 188-

The Industry Grows

Beer’s Place in Prohibition