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LGBT activism exploded all across the country during the 1970s. Here just some examples what that activism looked like at time in Detroit. Included are images of some of Detroit's first gay pride parades.

Detroit Gay Pride Rally.jpg

Gay Pride Rally in Detroit

Detroit Gay Pride GLF.jpg

Gay Liberation Front at Detroit Gay Pride Rally

John Kavanaugh.jpg

ONE in Detroit Picnic

Gay Picketing Chancery Building Detroit.jpg

Gay Protest: Chancery Building in Detroit

ONE in Detroit Picnic.jpg

Andy Karagas, Tony Garneau, and Sam "Bookie" Stewart

Daniel Curzon.jpg

Daniel Curzon

Karagas, Garneau & Stewart.jpg

Andy Karagas, Tony Garneau, and Bookie Stewart

Game at Softball City.jpg

Game at Softball City

Palmer Park.jpg

Palmer Park Area

Ann Arbor Activism

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