Letter from Apollinarius to his Mother, Taesis

Upon his arrival in Rome, a new recruit in the Roman military sent this letter to his mother in Karanis, Egypt.  He wrote that he was preparing to join the navy at Misenum, a large base on the Bay of Naples, Italy.  His enthusiastic assurances of safety and ardent promise to keep in touch echo sentiments still used by children today to comfort their concerned mothers.  A touch of homesickness may be evident as well in the faithful son’s many greetings to friends and family back home in Karanis, as well as his request that his mother send him frequent letters with news of home.


P.Mich.inv. 4528 recto (P.Mich. VIII 491)


P.Mich.inv. 4528 verso with address

Documentary papyrus

Epistles of St. Paul