The Brilliant Collection

Dr. Lawrence Brilliant is a graduate of the University of Michigan and served on the faculty of its School of Public Health.  Prior to that, he worked in the field as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) India country team.  Dr. Briliant wrote about his experiencse in his book The Management of Smallpox Eradication in India.  He is currently president and CEO of the Skoll Global Threats Fund which is focussed on solving problems in health, climate change, nuclear proliferation, and sustainability.

The Brilliant Collection began with Dr. Brilliant's personal records and grew as he gathered documents from other relevant subject areas.  It consists of numerous primary sources documents surrounding the global eradication of smallpox including surveillance materials on outbreaks in other countries, detailed search and containment data for Indian states, training materials and briefing documents, international reports on program success and failures, epidemiological data, and  outreach materials.  When Dr. Brilliant left the University of Michigan, he donated his collection to the Public Health Library which later merged with the Taubman Health Sciences Library.

The Brilliant Collection will be available to the public later this year.  For further information, contact the Taubman Health Sciences Library via phone (734-764-1210) or email (

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Dr. Larry Brilliant


Dr. Brilliant's book about his experiences in India.


Some of the documents from the Brilliant Collection.

Selected bibliography