This online exhibit is a digital version of an exhibit that was mounted in the Summer of 2007 (11 June 17 August) in the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan. The exhibit was held in celebration of the 25th International Congress of Papyrology that was held in Ann Arbor from 29 July until 4 August, 2007.

Arthur Verhoogt, Associate Professor of Papyrology and Greek in the Department of Classical Studies, designed the exhibit with contributions by Leyla Lau-Lamb, Senior Conservator in the University of Michigan Library.

Terri Geitgey of the Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan University Library was essential in preparing the digital version of the exhibit, and Julia Mitchell designed the webpages.

Thanks are due to Cathleen Baker, Bob Daniel, Peggy Daub, Henrike Florusbosch, Traianos Gagos, Thomas Hogarth, Morgan Jones, Carrie Romant, Terry Wilfong, and Shannon Zachary, for their help in various stages of this project.

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