2000 1950 1900 1850 1800 1750 1700 1650 1600 Thomas Shelton (1612) Thomas Shelton (1620) John Phillips (1687) Thomas Shelton, revised by John Stevens (1700) Peter Motteux (1700) Peter Motteux, revised by John Ozell (1719) Charles Jarvis (1742) Tobias Smollett (1755) Charles Henry Wilmot (1774) Alexander J. Duffield (1881) John Ormsby (1885) Henry Edward Watts (1888) Robinson Smith (1910) Samuel Putnam (1949) J. M. Cohen (1950) Walter Starkie (1954) Burton Raffel (1995) John Rutherford (2000) Edith Grossman (2003) James H. Montgomery (2006) Don Quixote, Part II, first edition in Spanish (1615) Don Quixote, Part I, first edition in Spanish (1605)
To celebrate the Translation Theme Semester and try our hand at digital humanities we created this interactive chronology of translations of Cervantes' novel Don Quixote into English.

The wonderful richness and complexity of Don Quixote inspired many authors to accept the seemingly impossible challenge of translating it into their own language and making it available to a wider circle of readers. Indeed, some of these translators were so wildly successful that they managed to turn Cervantes' work into one of the most read books in 18th century England. It is also curious to note that many of the translators worked almost simultaneously on their own rendering of the novel and, as a result, a number of different Don Quixotes would be published in a quick succession. The readership would be satisfied for a while, and then another flurry of Don Quixotes would appear again.
To reveal bibliographic and historical details of each translation, together with images of and links to the holdings of the University of Michigan Library, click each timeline entry. This is very much a work in progress. Visit us again to see it develop. For comments and questions, please contact barbalva@umich.edu or joque@umich.edu.

Barbara Alvarez + Justin Joque

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