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The Regents of the University of Michigan take this occasion to express their deep appreciation of the noteworthy services rendered to the University by Wilfred B. Shaw, Director of Alumni Relations, whose retirement took place at the end of the first semester of the academic year 1950-51.

As secretary of the Alumni Association for twenty-five years prior to his appointment to the directorship in 1929, Mr. Shaw had already displayed a peculiarly enlightened understanding of the mutual relationships which may properly exist between a university and the members of its alumni body, and had taken a leading part in the promotion of studies and movements along these lines in the Association of Alumni Secretaries, the American Alumni Council, and the American Association for Adult Education.

In his capacity as an officer of the University he was responsible for the inauguration of the Alumni University and the alumni booklist service and was the founder and editor of the Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review. As one who has in these and many other ways contributed importantly to the welfare of the University of Michigan and its alumni, Mr. Shaw is entitled to look back upon his active career with genuine satisfaction, and the Regents join with his many other friends in hoping' for his long-continued health and happiness. They furthermore confer upon him the title Director Emeritus of Alumni Relations and invite him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily extended to emeritus officers of the University.

Regents’ Proceedings, April 1951, Page 1277


The Regents adopted the following memoir in honor of Mr. Wilfred B. Shaw, Director Emeritus of Alumni Relations, whose death occurred May 28, 1959:

The Regents mourn the death of Wilfred B. Shaw (A.B., 1904), May 28, 1959, at the age of seventy-nine years. Founder and first editor of the Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review, Director of Alumni Relations, General Secretary of the University of Michigan Alumni Association, and Editor for twenty-five years of The Michigan Alumnus, "Bunk" Shaw, as he was affectionately called by his friends, made the University's life his chief concern and constant study.

In 1920 he wrote The University of Michigan, on which he later based A Short History of The University of Michigan. In 1929 his book Alumni and Adult Education was published. In 1936 he edited From Vermont to Michigan-Correspondence of James Burrill Angell, 1869-1871. The following year, in 1937, he was editor of the memorial volume Michigan Between Two Centuries. Editor of Volumes I and II and Co-editor of Volumes III and IV of The University of Michigan-An Encyclopedic Survey, Mr. Shaw illustrated these volumes with eighteen etchings, including portraits of Presidents Tappan, Angell, Hutchins, Burton, and Ruthven.

The clear pictures he drew of his Alma Mater, the great plans he formulated for her growth, and, above all, the deep affection he bore her-these records now have became a lasting heritage to all alumni.

The Regents of The University of Michigan join in the sorrow, which Wilfred B. Shaw's death has brought to his many colleagues and friends, and express to his family their heartfelt sympathy.

The Regents gratefully accepted a gift from Mr. Brackley Shaw and Mrs. Penelope Shaw Frayer of a portrait head in bronze of Wilfred B. Shaw, the work of Carleton W. Angell, former University sculptor.

Regents’ Proceedings, June 1959, Page 881


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