Faculty image Robert Peter Briggs Vice President of Business & Finance University Administration


Robert Peter Briggs

Professor of Economics and Accounting 1929-1951

Vice President of Business and Finance 1945-1951

Appointed Regent 1964-1968

The Regents of the University of Michigan have accepted with deep regret the resignation of Robert Peter Briggs, M.B.A., C.P.A., as Vice-President of the University and Professor of Accounting, and hereby incorporate in their records their great appreciation of Mr. Briggs's contributions to the University's welfare.

As an alumnus of Michigan and as an active member of its teaching staff for fourteen years, before he was called away to assume important executive duties in war industry, Mr. Briggs came to the vice-presidency of the University in 1945 with a profound knowledge of its structure and needs and a zealous devotion to its interests. During his term of office he has been called upon to serve as the adviser and agent of the Regents in innumerable situations of a most diverse and difficult character, for the successful management of which an unusual store of energy, patience, tactfulness, and good judgment was required. All of these qualities Mr. Briggs has displayed in the highest degree, to the marked profit of the University and to the complete satisfaction of the Board of Regents.

The Regents are confident that though Mr. Briggs now relinquishes his official connection with the University, his loyal concern for his alma mater will never lessen and that he will always be ready to lend himself to her counsels. They congratulate him upon his splendid service to the University and wish him all happiness and success as he assumes his new post as Vice-President of the Consumers Power Company.


Regents’ Proceedings

December 1950, Page 1158


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