Faculty image Jean Campbell Director Center for Continuing Education of Women

When Jean Campbell accepted appointment as half-time director in 1964, the newly created Center for Continuing Education of Women extended its welcome to returning women in two small rooms of the Michigan League.


Under her guidance some 13,000 women have received help and counseling at the Center, and conferences and workshops have provided for others a fresh perspective on women and education; the staff has expanded to fifteen; and The University of Michigan Center for Continuing Education of Women has gained a national reputation among women's centers in the United States.

Jean Campbell herself, through her warm, wise, and patient counseling, has directly touched the lives of hundreds of women, encouraging them to fulfillment of their aspirations.

As an effective and tireless advocate of policy changes needed to ensure equity of opportunity for women of all ages, she has greatly enlarged educational options both within and outside the University.

She has brought a keen intellect to bear on analyzing and interpreting profound changes in women's lives during a critical historical period. Through a far-sighted system of record keeping, she has laid the foundation for valuable new research on women's education and development.

As staff director and administrator she has encouraged the growth and development of her own staff; she has set a high standard of achievement for her staff members, and shown an openness to nurture new programs and projects as the need for new directions became clear.

The Regents adopt this resolution as an expression of their warm gratitude and respect to Jean W. Campbell for her skilled leadership and her accomplishments during sixteen years as Director of The University of Michigan Center for Continuing Education of Women.


Regents’ Resolution, November 1980, Page 772



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