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The Regents of the University of Michigan commend Dr. Lisa A. Tedesco as she steps down from the position of vice president and secretary of the University and re-immerses herself in her role as a faculty member.

Vice President Tedesco received her M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1975 and 1981, respectively. In 1992, following an 18-year career at SUNY Buffalo, she came to the University of Michigan as professor of dentistry and associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Dentistry. A health psychologist and nationally-recognized expert on diversity in the health professions, in 1996 Interim President Homer Neal appointed her to oversee projects related to diversity and the advancement of women, including the publication of "Climate and Character: Perspectives on Diversity " and the work of the Council on a Multicultural University. Her work on campus climate and broad knowledge of the University brought her to the attention of President Lee Bollinger.

In September 1998, Dr. Tedesco was appointed vice president and secretary of the University, and in 2001 she held an additional appointment as interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. During this period, she skillfully balanced the full range of responsibilities of these two extraordinarily demanding positions. In her role as provost, she helped lead the University's response to the September 11 terrorist attacks and oversaw important academic initiatives, such as the final report of the President's Commission on the Undergraduate Experience, while as vice president and secretary she provided crucial assistance to the Regents with the presidential search.

An active University citizen, Dr. Tedesco has made significant contributions in a number of areas across the campus. She is a long-standing member of the President's Advisory Commission on Women's Issues and has served as chair of the Campus Safety and Security Advisory Committee for six years. As the administrative liaison to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, she serves on the Advisory Board for Intercollegiate Athletics and was appointed by President Coleman to chair the steering committee for the NCAA Division I Athletics Recertification Program in 2003. This complex assignment led to lasting enhancements in academic opportunities for student athletes and to improvements in other aspects of our athletic program.

Dr. Tedesco received the University’s prestigious Sarah Goddard Power Award in 2002 in honor of her distinguished leadership and sustained service on behalf of women. She has also received the Department of Public Safety's Director's Award for her service in the development and revision of departmental policies and procedures. She is the recipient of numerous other honors and has held national leadership positions in professional organizations related to her academic work.

The vice president and secretary of the University is a pivotal position that touches nearly every facet of this complex, diverse, decentralized, and highly visible institution. It is a rare individual who can successfully navigate around all the issues, constituent groups, and decision-makers, working towards consensus, while being mindful of the path that is in the best long-term interests of the institution. The Regents greatly admire Lisa's ability to sustain and enhance relationships among the Regents and between the Regents and members of the University community, and, indeed, among the multitudes of individuals who cross her path daily, always displaying her characteristic sensitivity, professionalism, and good judgment.

The Regents express their great admiration for Lisa's skill and wisdom in leading and supporting them, both collectively and individually. She has set the gold standard for the position of vice president and secretary of the University, in which she has served with such distinction for nearly seven years. She has performed her challenging responsibilities in a truly exceptional manner and has done an outstanding job of communicating, problem solving, and providing sound guidance and advice to all. The Regents express their deepest respect, admiration, and gratitude to Lisa for her outstanding efforts on behalf of the University; we will miss her very much.

With much affection and appreciation, the Regents recognize and thank Dr. Lisa A. Tedesco for her selfless, distinguished service as vice president and secretary of the University and send her best wishes as she returns full time to her academic career.

Regents' Resolution, January 2005, Page 202

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