W. L. Westermann to F. W. Kelsey: 1/27/26

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Columbia University
in the City of New York


January 27, 1926

My dear Professor Kelsey:

Your letter of Dec. 22nd did not get into my hands until January 4th, as the holidays, my trip to Ann Arbor, a sickness which followed, and the fact that I had been not able to complete the distribution and inventory, all intervened; and I did not come back here to my mailbox until college work began again. Please accept my explanation as an apology for delay.

The inventory is enclosed. In the distribution I have assigned to Michigan the splendid piece which was tagged (no. 1), and the Coptic fragments. The remainder I have attempted to divide equitably by size, importance and condition. AS you will abserve, Michigan 4 is made up of two pieces which were sparated as we found them in Brummer's hands. It now makes a fine complete letter. I hope that the division will seem a fair one to you.

Brummer wrote me that Nahman wished him to take over another lot for sale here. As I have no more money for this year I cannot go into any deal, and so wrote to Brummer, asking him to confer with you.

Under separate copies I send two offprints of articles. Another should come in shortly.

I have seen Rostovtzeff several times of late; but fortunately I did not mention the possible co-operation of Yale. There were reasons which made this admissable. When I see you we will talk it over. For the present there seems to be no money in his hands for papyri purchases. That situation may change shortly.

The Michigan lot from this purchase is now in our vault awaiting someone who is authorized to receive them. When you come through please let me see you, by all means, as I have many plans to discuss with you. Your previous kindness and your generous interest in the development of the papyri work impels me to seek your guidance.

By today's mail I am sending a copy of the inventory and report to H. I. Bell.


Hoping to see you soon
I am sincerely yours,

W. L Westermann


P.S. Rostovtzeff is enthusiastic about the work at Karanis. His public praise at Ann Arbor has been expressed to me privately as well. The results of the work entirely surpassed my expectations.

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