Report on Papyri Sent by Professor Boak: March 1925

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May 2, 1925

These papyri are described as coming from Behneseh (Oxyrhyncus), and this is borne out by such place-names as occur. They are mostly fragmentary, complete documents being rare, and the collection includes a great deal of mere rubbish, but it is comparatively rich in literary fragments, several of them rather interesting, and there are a fair number of documents in reasonable preservation or offering points of interest, and the price paid does not seem at all excessive. Time being short, I have described single only the most promising pieces, and those very summarily. Among the mass of undescribed fragments are several which may yield interesting matter, but it is unlikely that much of value will be found. Roman numerals refer to centuries.

H.I. Bell
British Museum

(+ attached list of 90 pieces)

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