Report on Papyri: 1925 Consignment

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Dear Boak:

Director Kenyon sent this report in Triplicate, two copies for Columbia & Princeton.

Since we have decided to take the whole lot, you should have this copy, which not needed for Columbia. I will retain the other duplicate, in case we negotiate with Princeton later.



Sept. 5, 1925

The Nahman collection has already been reported on generally. Below follow the more detailed descriptions of the better preserved papyri selected for separate notice. These are followed by reports on the papyri acquired by Dr. Askren and Prof. Boak. There is a great mass of material, and the examination of the papyri was even more summary than usual. In the descriptions Roman Numerals denote centuries (A.D. except otherwise stated). L. = left, R. = right. Extreme dimensions are given.

H. I. Bell


(+ attached report)

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