L. Koenen to R. Dougherty: 8/9/82




Department of Classical Studies
L. Koenen


Aug. 9th, 1982


Dr. Richard M. Dougherty
Director, University Library


Dear Dr. Dougherty:

Thank you very much for your letter of July 30th. I appreciate the impressive support which you and other colleagues who were involved in the decision, particularly Miss Mona East and Mrs. Karla Vandersypen, have given to papyrology. The extraordinary commitment to papyrology which the library has shown exceeds by far what I or anybody could reasonably expect in these days of financial stringency.

I may report that I have negotiated twice with M. Facklemann over the telephone and we reached an agreement. We shall receive all the about 17 papyri (small fragments not counted) which seem to belong to each other and of which you have seen photographs. The price was set at doll. 10.000 as I had predicted (originally Mr. Facklemann had asked 12.000 to 13.000). I could, however, not include an additional piece of which you also saw a photograph as it had already been sold to the University Library of Princeton. Nevertheless I am more than satisfied with the result.

On details of closing the deal I shall write to Miss East. 

Yours sincerely,

L. Koenen


Miss M. East
Mrs. K. Vandersypen

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