L. Koenen to M. East: 8/9/82




Department of Classical Studies
L. Koenen


Aug. 9th, 1982


Miss M. East
Graduate Library

Dear Miss East:

Let me first express my sincere thanks to you for your support you have shown to me. I realize that without your help we would not have been able to acquire the new papyri. You may have seen that two of my students have already started to decipher two payri of the group I had bought with me, and I am working on a third one. Other students will begin studying these documents in September.

I enclose a copy of a letter to Dr. Dougherty which will inform you about the agreement I have reached with Mr. M. Facklemann. There is one detail on which I need your instruction. I shall see Mr. Facklemann next May at the International Congress of Papyrology in Naples, and it seems best to pick up the new papyri on this occasion. On the other hand, Mr. Facklemann does not want to wait that long for his money. The relatively cheap price (compared with deals which recently have been made) was reached on the basis of an internationally strong dollar, and, of course, nobody can predict how the dollar will be showing next May. I have told Mr. Facklemann that I would discuss the problem with the authorities of the Library. He will send us an invoice over 10.000 doll. Please, let me know how this should be handled.


Thank you
and sincerely yours,

L. Koenen


Mrs. Vandersypen


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