Inventory of Papyri: August, 1921

The papyri listed in this inventory were brought from Egypt by Sir E. Wallis Budge in February, 1921, together with other papyri which were divided up, pro rata, between the British Museum, the University of Geneva, Cornell University, and the University of Michigan. All the papyri were damped out and made ready for use by Mr. C.T. Lamacraft, of the British Museum.

This inventory was prepared by Mr. H. I. Bell, of the British Museum, in August, 1921. It was necessarily based upon a rapid survey of the material, and is only provisional.

In several of the undated papyri dates will probably be found when they are subjected to a more deliberate examination

Click here for the APIS entries for the University of Michigan papyri brought by Sir E. Wallis Budge in February 1921.

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Last modified: 03/21/2014