Coptic Inventory

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F.W. Kelsey

Copies to:

H.A. Sanders
W.H. Worrell
Ms. J.M. Longyear

Copies to be sent to:

A.S. Hunt
W. E. Crum
H.I. Bell

With the exception of a few items which he did not see, the Coptic material listed in numbers 535-612 was examined by Mr. W.E. Crum, at the request of Mr. Bell of the British Museum and Mr. Kelsey, and the inventory is based upon his notes. requested authorization to excerpt words for his Coptic dictionary, now in preparation, and did so.

The items listed are papyrus, unless otherwise described.

For convenience of reference the inventory numbers begin where the Inventory of Papyri prepared in 1920 leaves off. The first number is therefore 535, the last number in the former inventory being 534.

Descriptions of inv. 535 - 612 follow.


Note: Handwritten text on the report appears here as italics.

Click here for selected catalog entries concerning this set of papyri.

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Last modified: 03/21/2014