From Card Catalog to MIRLYN

From Card Catalog to MIRLYN

The first card catalog was created in 1890 in the form of handwritten subject cards. The library then moved to typed card catalog and after 1900 to printed cards from the Library of Congress.

In 1940, the card catalog had 2000 trays and 1.75 million cards.

In 1988, the online card catalog was created. The new service was called the Michigan Research Library Network (MIRLYN).

In the March of 2010, the card catalogs were completely removed from Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

General Library Catalog Cases, Circulation Corridor, June 1927
General Library Cataloging Department, Filing Cart in use at Public Catalog, May 1937 by Miss Mather and Miss Harkins
MIRLYN Buttons
Paul Courant, the Dean of Libraries, at front of the Card Catalog

2008 Spring Commencement