Library Departments

The design of the new building ensured spacious areas for each department and the study spaces, well lit rooms by incorporating large windows, even in the basement, and private spaces for the staff.

The basement of the new building was used for special uses such as receiving room, bindery, machinery room, and staff quarters.

The first floor housed a Study Hall for undergraduate required reading, near the entrance; thus eliminating the crowding of the reference rooms.

The second floor was the main service level. The Delivery Corridor contained the card catalogs, the circulation desk and a delivery counter. 

General Library, Staff 1922
General Library Circulation Desk, 1944.
General Library, Rare Book Room, November 1922. M. Eunice Wead, Curator.
General Library, Rare Book Room, June 1927
General Library, 9th floor, East Attic, May 1949
General Library, Bindery Department, December 1932
General Library Administration Department, June 1927
General Library, Extension Services
General Library, Cataloging Department, Current Check-List.

Construction of the New Building

Library Spaces