About this Exhibit

“From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library” was first created as a physical exhibit for display at Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. The building itself was the inspiration for the creation of this exhibit. Even though many aspects of the space and the departments have changed through the years, the building tells the story of time and evolution of the University of Michigan Library.

The materials for the exhibit have come from various departments and individuals at the University of Michigan Library. The Special Collections Library, Peggy Daub and her wonderful staff, provided most of the photographs in this collection. Bentley Historical Library was my other major source.  Special gratitude goes to Paul Barrow, Tim Archer and Britain Woodman for generously allowing the use of their pictures from the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

Immense gratitude is also extended to the Library Administration especially Associate University Librarian for Library Operations, Rebecca Dunkle.

Very special appreciation goes to Meghan Musolff, Special Projects Librarian, for her guidance and support in creating this exhibit.

The information for the text has come from the Bentley Historical Library Webpage and the following two publications:

Peckham, Howard H. The making of the University of Michigan, 1817-1992. Ann Arbor, MI.: University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library, 1994.

Bishop, William Warner. The Library Building: With the Addresses At the Dedication, January Seventh, 1920. Ann Arbor, 1920.


For more information about this exhibit, please contact Sanam Arab at sanama@umich.edu.  

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Curated by Sanam Arab

Exhibit Owner: Bridget Kennedy

Main Reading Room, after 1918

Main Reading Room, after 1918

Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library 1971-Present