Scrapbooks and Photograph Albums


Note: the following scrapbooks are stand-alone items.  Others are contained within archival collections.  Individual photographs can be viewed online via the menu to the left under Digital Collections.

McKinley Assassination (1901). Beautifully conserved pages of the Denver Post (6 issues from Sept. 10-18, 1901), on the assassination of President McKinley, and the police roundup of anarchists, especially Emma Goldman. Users may read and turn these pages without worry of damage.

Commune of Paris. 50 portrait  photographs of Communards including Villeneuve, Vallès, Roel, Le Francais, Felix Pyat, Cournot, Bergeret, Delescluze, Dombrosky, Dacosta, Rossel, Miot, Prost, Magy, Ferré, Vertrise, Poulain, Auber, Millot, Jourdan, Jadin, Victorine Brochler, Gottier, Assi, Rogeart, Flourens, Pollotel, Chalans, Rugault, etc.

Negaunee, Michigan Communist Party.  Photograph album ca. 1930s.  Unidentifed.

Detroit images. Photograph album of Detroit cityscaptes, including some photos of the aftermath of the 1967 Uprising. Photos taken between 1967-1977. Includes brief captions but not much detail.

Detroit Uprising, 1967.  Contains clippings from local newspapers from 1967-1985.  Also includes clippings about Hayward Brown, Sutton and Hutton cases, other uprisings, Flint Bar shootout, Father Groppi, Orangeburg, SC murders, Malcolm X case, James Earl Ray case, Chicago Black Panther killings, Algiers Motel case, etc.  Handwritten index included.  Source unknown.

General Coal Strike of London, 1926.  Collection of newspapers, newsletters, and leaflets saved by Horace A. Eaton.  Most are brittle but readable.

Ford Hunger Strike 1933.  Clippings, including photos from newspapers, poetry.  Source unknown.

Haymarket Scrapbook.  Gift of Jo. Labadie , 1930.  Clippings, notes, etc. saved by J. A. Labadie and compiled into this scrapbook by Agnes Inglis in 1934.

Karl Heinzen Scrapbook. Compiled after his death, includes clippings, obituaries, notices, letters, memorials. In German and English.

I.W.W. Scrapbook 1919-1920. Compiled by E.S.Rose, given to Xenia Burt, and donated to the Labadie Collection.  Clippings and documents.  Title on cover: The International Revolt: One Enemy One Union.

Emma Goldman Scrapbook.  Compiled by Agnes Inglis.  Note inside front cover: "Emma Goldman saw this in 1934 when she visited the Labadie Collection."  Clippings, leaflets, speaking announcements, pamphlets, chronologies, and materials on Alexander Berkman.

Everett, Washington Scrapbook, 1916-1917.  Gift of Chicago IWW in 1933.  Clippings.  NOTE: EXTREMELY BRITTLE AND VERY POOR CONDITION; PAGES ARE MULTI-LAYERED.

I.W.W. 1916 Misc. Strikes.  Clippings.  Condition same as Everett Scrapbook.

IWW Trial 1917-1918 (Chicago).  Materials sent to Agnes Inglis by Otto Justh in 1918 during the Great Trial.  Scrapbook was compiled by Agnes Inglis. Contains clippings, original drawings, leaflets, poetry, ribbons, rare trial documents, etc.  An excellent artifact.

Labadie Family History.  Bound typescript by C.M. Burton of Detroit.  Donated to Joseph Labadie.  Copies of letters from Burton to Labadie bound in.

Record of Work Done from The Labadie Shop.  Contains examples of commercial printing work done by Joseph Labadie.

McGregor, John Murray.  Scrapbook containing data which he used in writing economic articles for the press.  Clippings date from 1888-1895.

Menz’es (sic) Teufel Scrapbook.  Gift of Tobias Sigel, 1931. Contains original letters and clippings and drawings related to Detroit stonecutter Hermann Menz,, who in 1910 erected a stone statue of Satan on his front lawn.  As this news made the national press, there was an outpouring from the all over the country, both in support of and against Menz.  The letters cards, and clippings, all in excellent condition given their age, were carefully pasted into this scrapbook.  This is truly a must-see item, providing hours of entertainment.

Mooney, Tom. Photographs of Mooney taken upon his release from prison in 1939.

Reverend Philip Berrigan scrapbook and materials related to protest against the Vietnam War. Donated to the Labadie Collection in 1997.

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