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1950s The collections increased in size substantially in this decade. The most notable areas of growth were in literature (primarily English and American), American history, art history, music, botany and rare books. [14]
South Hatcher arcade
1970: South Building constructed
1959 The Shapiro Undergraduate Library was built this year. This library's policy of opening the stacks for direct use by patrons set the standard for other UM Libraries. [10]
1970 The south building of the General Library was built. It is an eight story, 5.4 million dollar annex accommodating about 900,000 volumes and an additional 532 study carrels. This building, the first high rise on the Diag (center of campus), opened in June of 1970. [11]

In May of 1971 the two library buildings (north and south) were renamed the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. Hatcher was the UM President from 1951-1968.[8]

1974 The University Library joined the Michigan Library Consortium and the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC) and became the fifth member of the Research Libraries Group (RLG).

The Library put the card catalog online and named the service the Michigan Research Library Network (MIRLYN). This change allowed library users to access the catalog from their computers via the campus network. [10]

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