Restoration example

The conservation team of Dr. Margaret Nowosielska and Christopher Woitulwicz began the restoration of the North Lobby Murals in March 2002. The lighter area on the left of the photo above shows the effects of the restoration.

The murals are fresco paintings that were commissioned when the original Hatcher structure was built in January 1920. The murals are attributed to the artist Thomas di Lorenzo. There are 14 panels, four arches, four spandrels (areas between arches), two lunettes (semicircular paintings), one frieze (decorative band), and miscellaneous ornaments that wind around the lobby. The subjects captured in the panels include animals and mythical beasts, men and women, and flowers and plants, all using the palette of teal blue, brick red, yellows, golds, and greens. [6]

Make sure to stop by the North Lobby and view the stunning and vibrant results of the restoration!

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