Arthur E. R. Boak

Arthur E. R. Boak, Professor Emeritus of History was a member of the Michigan faculty, in the field of ancient history, from 1914; his retirement came in 1958. Now a United States citizen, Professor Boak was born at Halifax, N.S., and has degrees from Queen's College, Kingston, Ontario (A.M. '07), and Harvard (A.M. '11, Ph.D. '14); he was an officer of the unit of the Michigan Naval Militia which went into service from the University in 1917. Dr. Boak was Chairman of the Department of History, 1930-1946, and was honored with the Russel Lectureship in 1950 and the Jerome Lectureship in 1951-52. As this articles intimates, he has been prominent in both archaeological and the papyrological activities of the University.