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Norma K. Marshall, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Nursing

Years at Michigan: 1953-1982

Dr. Norma K. Marshall received her nursing diploma from the Edward W. Sparrow Hospital School of Nursing in Lansing, Michigan in 1947. Subsequently she was appointed as an instructor of nursing at Sparrow Hospital where she served for four years while she studied towards an undergraduate degree at Michigan State University.

In the following years, Dr. Marshall went on to complete her undergraduate work at Case Western Reserve University-formerly Western Reserve University where she also completed her graduate studies in Nursing (MSN) and she later completed M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Higher Education Administration at The University of Michigan.

In 1953, Dr. Marshall came to the U-M where she was appointed Assistant Professor of Nursing as well as Chairperson of the Foundations Area of the School of Nursing. Once a faculty member, she moved swiftly through the ranks to become Assistant Dean in 1971 and Professor of Nursing in 1972, both of which positions she held until her retirement as an active faculty member in 1982. Her long and loyal career with the University was highlighted by her pivotal role in the development of the Registered Nurse Studies Program and by her various administrative roles that she selflessly fulfilled. She served as Assistant Dean and Director of the RN Studies Program, as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, as Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, and as Acting Dean of the School of Nursing from 1972-73. She was also appointed by the Governor of Michigan to the Michigan Board of Nursing, an organization for which she served as a member from 1973-76 and as Vice Chairperson from 1976-77.

Throughout her successful tenure at UM, Dr. Marshall established herself as someone who would reliably complete any task and who always went out of her way to make others' work easier. In addition, her incredible abilities both as an instructor and as an administrator were undeniable. For these reasons, she received honors from the Michigan League for Nursing, from the Michigan Nurses Association on their centennial celebration, and from Sigma Theta Tau, Rho Chapter. Moreover, she received the School of Nursing's Centennial Recognition Award (1991) and has been invited by various organizations and institutions to speak on behalf of the School and of the profession.

Upon her retirement in 1982, the Board of Regents appointed Dr. Marshall as Professor Emerita of Nursing in recognition of her remarkable 29 year career. She was also a Medical Center Alumni Society award recipient in 1983. The U-M will forever be honored to be affiliated with such an outstanding individual who to this day remains an active leader and role model in both her community and church.

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